Windlesham Society

The Windlesham Society is a village organisation open to all Windlesham residents. It was originally founded in 1978 and re-established in 2012 as a non-political, charitable organisation. It has a wide-ranging brief including the preservation and enhancement of our local heritage and natural environment.Windlesham village in the heart of Surrey Heath, approximately 25 miles south west of central London. The name derives from the Windle Brook, which runs south of the village into Chobham, and the common suffix ‘ham’, the Old English word for ‘homestead’.


The concept for The Windlesham Society , was to create a new website that could be used a hub, not only for the residents of the village but also for people who are looking to move to the area. The site contains a directory of local businesses, amenities and local services. It also has photo galleries, upcoming events and more.

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