Windlesham Society
Project Type
Web & Hosting
2020 – Present

Windlesham Society

We designed a mobile-first website for Windlesham Society, becoming the community hub for all local information, events, and announcements. The user-friendly platform fosters a strong sense of community and connectivity among residents.

About Windlesham Society

The Windlesham Society, a well-established village charity, is funded by annual subscriptions from local households and businesses. Its constitution is centered around enhancing the quality of life for village residents and businesses while safeguarding the village from adverse changes. Registered with the Charity Commission, the Society and its trustees undergo annual audits, with published accounts. The Officers and Committee are elected at the AGM. The Windlesham Society collaborates with residents and businesses to stimulate interest in village affairs, establish connections with other Windlesham organizations, preserve the village’s heritage, engage with local government and agencies, maintain the local/neighbourhood plan, and provide input on Planning Issues, including sustainable growth.

Let’s work together.

Creating user experience and visual appealing design